CyberNews Interview with Jonathan Holmes, CTO

Remote work models and accelerating changes in the information-based businesses call for more decentralization. This comes with risks, especially those related to cybersecurity and smooth interactions between legacy and new-generation working environments.

As companies scramble to decentralize their information network, one thing they tend to focus on is securing the network edge. But that may not be enough to ensure smooth accommodation to online remote work environments, as legacy software and new infrastructures need to work well together. is an enterprise microservices platform that helps ensure smooth business operations in changing working environments. CyberNews reached out to Jonathan Holmes, Chief Technical Officer at , to talk about how the pandemic raised the need for such mesh networking solutions and what part their technologies play in securing data and proper functioning of decentralized businesses.

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Pic of Jonathan Holmes, Grey Matter CTO for Cybernews Profile Cybernews Interview: Jonathan Holmes, CTO

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