DevOps is all about quality, reliability, and performance. Our platform ensures optimal uptime and user satisfaction, deriving maximum value from everything across your multi-environment service-based architecture. 

Zero-Trust, Less Complexity

RBAC and ABAC policy enforcement at the sidecar provide infrastructure-level access control while SPIFFE/SPIRE automates the creation, distribution, and rotation of identities on the fly.

More Options, Greater Control

An unmatched array of Envoy Proxy and bespoke filters and per-route filter configurations provides the power to ensure reliable service for every system, service, and user.

Maximum Availability

Intelligently automated circuit breaking, load balancing, active health checking, and automatic retries keep your services running with fewer errors and less down-time.  

Follow Everything

Distributed tracing normalizes fleetwide configuration management via a single authoritative source while full HTTP mesh traffic observability enables you to understand the traffic and content flow of any service.

One Comprehensive View

A massive filter library provides countless configuration options via an easy-to-understand customizable dashboard that cuts through complexity and lessens your cognitive load.

Work on Your Terms

Manage multiple service meshes across AWS EC2 mesh, Kubernetes mesh, bare metal, or any other environment from one flexible platform.