Gartner AIBS Summit 2023

Insights and observations from the Gartner AIBS Summit.


At the Gartner AIBS Summit in Las Vegas, showcased our exceptional product to attendees, emphasizing the need for reshaping software delivery processes. With our platform’s OOTB automation, governance, security, and insights,’s unique approach captivated a diverse range of professionals, from executives to developers.


During the Gartner AIBS Summit, our team engaged with numerous attendees, gaining valuable insights into organizational needs and challenges. Through demos and conversations, we effectively showcased how Greymatter addresses common pain points for organizations, such as risk management, complex configurations, and API gateways. We demonstrated how our solutions offer effective resolutions to these issues, but let’s dive deeper.



Pain Points

“The significance of governance and policy enforcement needs resonated strongly among highly regulated industries, including insurers, banks, and financial institutions.” Brian L’Italien, Director of Marketing,

Organizations expressed a shared interest in robust governance and policy enforcement mechanisms, and addressing these pain points is crucial for an enterprise to establish robust risk management and governance frameworks. By adopting automated risk management solutions, implementing standardized processes, and leveraging technology for compliance tracking, businesses can enhance their ability to identify, assess, and mitigate risks effectively while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Greymatter’s Solution

“One of the drivers of the AIBS show was the emerging concept of Platform Engineering as a means to extract complexity and friction away from developers so that they can focus on delivery. This came up in several discussions.” Brian L’Italien, Director of Marketing,

By aligning with organization’s principles, Greymatter empowers enterprises in highly regulated sectors to control complexity, enhance security, and facilitate real-time operations, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks effectively. In fact, Greymatter increases Platform Engineering’s NetSecOps process from development to production by more than 1000% while cutting more than half the networking configuration code blocks, aligning with our 100% support of Zero-Trust NIST controls concerning your enterprise’s inner architecture.

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Pain Points

Enterprises need to adopt effective strategies and tools to overcome complex configurations. This involves leveraging configuration management systems or tools to automate and streamline configuration processes, allowing for standardized configuration practices and guidelines and conducting regular reviews and audits to identify and resolve errors or inconsistencies.

“Complex configurations have many disparate security and networking/routing components. Many organizations expressed the need for streamlined and efficient methods to handle network configuration changes, managing authorization for user logon being one of the big challenges.” Joe Pichette, Solutions Architect,

Greymatter’s Solution

Our platform revolutionizes your network with effortless security and traffic flow activities like adding mTLS to APIs, outlier detection, active and passive health checks, and regional failover as Greymatter cuts boilerplate configurations by over 500%. Greymatter also enhances security and compliance across applications, APIs, and services with ease by empowering your network or cloud environment to stay one step ahead with Greymatter’s unrivaled capability to effortlessly integrate immediate forensic user tracking audits, zero configurations needed!

By implementing these measures, organizations can mitigate the challenges associated with complex configurations, leading to improved operational efficiency and reliability.

“Greymatter integrates auditing with OPA policies, enabling user restriction and tracing capabilities. This ensures compliance, security, and transparent user activity tracking.” Joe Pichette, Solutions Architect,

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Pain Points

“Some Summit attendees were convinced it was possible to do everything through an API gateway, and were unfamiliar with the vulnerabilities of an API gateway not being able to tell what’s happening inside a network when an issue arises.” Josh Gilman, Account Executive,

When using an API gateway, organizations often encounter issues with complex configuration and management, security vulnerabilities, and dependency on a single point of failure. These challenges require careful consideration and implementation of best practices, including efficient configuration management, performance optimization techniques, robust security measures, redundancy and failover mechanisms, and selecting an API gateway solution that meets scalability and customization needs.

Greymatter’s Solution

Organizations can ensure smoother API management, enhanced security, and improved overall performance of their API ecosystem with Greymatter. We elevate your organization’s networking and security policies with our transformative power to consolidate intricate policy files into a centralized hub with under 10 lines of code, and then reference that policy for effortless fleet-wide updates across applications, APIs, and data services – regardless of cloud or hybrid infrastructure.

“Greymatter allows customers to gain the power to seamlessly see multiple application mesh networks in a ‘single-pane of glass’ view, featuring health status, dependency lists, and comprehensive search capabilities across clouds.” Josh Gilman, Account Executive,

With forensic audit collection spanning diverse clouds, Kubernetes distributions, and on-prem workloads, Greymatter empowers effortless failover and fleet-wide security policy application with ~30 lines of configuration, allowing you to experience minimal configuration cognitive load and achieve remarkable results within minutes.

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Dive into our informative PDF brochure to gain a deeper insight into Greymatter. Explore our solutions and decide if you’re ready to schedule a demo with the team to witness firsthand how our application networking platform can empower your enterprise, control complexity, fortify applications, and embrace real-time operations. 

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