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The Department of Defense (DoD) and the intelligence community are undergoing a major transformation with the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) concept. This vision aims to network and connect systems across the battle-space to provide commanders with the right data for better, faster decision-making. It relies on an enterprise cloud capability that operates across top secret, secret, and unclassified security domains. The application networking platform is crucial to JADC2 mission success.

JWCC and C2E: Great First Steps on a Longer Journey

The Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability (JWCC) and Commercial Cloud Enterprise (C2E) contracts have been launched to take the first critical steps toward achieving the JADC2 vision. The contracts involve multiple cloud service providers. These include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

However, leveraging multiple cloud services from different providers into a single solution can be complex. It may also require significant technical expertise. Some issues our customers deal with include:

  • Interoperability: Ensuring seamless communication and data exchange between different cloud environments can be difficult.
  • Security: Maintaining the same level of security across multiple cloud environments can be challenging.
  • Compliance: Guaranteeing that your APIs/Apps are all configured the same isn’t easy at scale. It may include mTLS certificate chains, audit capture, and telemetry measurement driven by enterprise governance models.
  • Cost Management: Maintaining cost-efficiency while using multiple cloud environments can be challenging. This is especially true when your customers are dealing with a mix of public and private clouds.
  • Integration: Using different cloud APIs, networking protocols, and data storage formats makes supporting integrated solutions difficult in delivery and operations. Can Help

The application networking platform is designed to address these challenges head-on. For example:

  • Interoperability: enables seamless services communication and data exchange across cloud providers using a hardened enterprise-scale control plane and data plane topology.
  • Security: is both FIPS and NIST zero-trust compliant out of the box, providing identity-aware networking at every point across multiple clusters and clouds, and audit of all user activity for every API/App.
  • Compliance: abstracts API/Apps networking configuration away from developers using a unique all-inclusive GitOps process model, enforcing IT team separation of concerns from development to delivery.
  • Cost: provides performance optimization insights, managing modernization costs across clouds, while extending the operational life of existing IT investments.
  • Integration: is a single point of entry for all application traffic control, security, and performance, and service discovery for APIs/Apps regardless of cloud or infrastructure.

Create a multi-cloud/hybrid secure API/App network with Greymatter’s interoperable, NIST zero-trust compliant solution for streamlined communication and optimized performance at lower costs.

A Proven Force Multiplier is a proven US Intelligence Community and US DoD partner. The platform has a long history in modernization and a three-year Authority to Operate (ATO) on IL-6 systems. It is an essential component for the success of JWCC and C2E. is a mission-proven platform that solves the challenges of hybrid, multi-cloud, and edge networking. It is a force-multiplier for the DoD and IC in their quest to achieve the JADC2 vision.

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