From S & P Global: Role of service mesh rises as Decipher Technology rebrands around Grey Matter

Read the latest from S&P Global as Senior Analyst William Fellows comments on Grey Matter’s use of artificial intelligence and business intelligence to turn service mesh telemetry data into enterprise insight.

From the report:

The latest Grey Matter release includes AI traffic filters and BI tools that work on top of the service mesh and infrastructure it resides on, template-based workflows, a multicloud mesh network catalog, IDE integration, L3/L4 network layer integration and mesh network governance. 

Decipher’s Grey Matter is a platform for complex, enterprise mesh application and microservice architecture (MASA). The company says Grey Matter’s omnidirectional mesh platform enables the following: 

Fine-grained control of microservices, APIs and applications in an enterprise environment that consists of legacy OSS and BSS implementations, VMs, containers and hybrid cloud implementations. 

Network and data micro-segmentation and policy enforcement for zero-trust protection. 

Business insight over internal mesh traffic such as service-level management and business criticality measurement atop the telemetry. 

Chain-of-evidence data capture. 

Architecture-wide automation that improves IT operations’ responsiveness to analytics-driven change. 


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