Mesh App & Service Architecture (MASA) overwatch and control.

Grey Matter harnesses MASA modularity, interoperability, interchangeability, scalability, portability, and open standards to connect and enhance your independent enterprise apps and systems.

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Discover, control, and analyze everything within your complex hybrid/multi-environment.


Use MASA complexity to your advantage.

Grey Matter captures and analyzes on every action occurring throughout your MASA environment, using this data to optimize performance and resource management.

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Seamless Interoperability

Extensible APIs and centralized service registry enable fluid omni-channel user experiences.

Smart Scalability

Metrics capture and resource-conscious analysis drives intelligent resource scaling to manage ever-changing workloads.

Rapid Modular Delivery

Reusable, interchangeable code cuts MTTD, enables automation, and eases systems integration throughout the multi-environment.

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MASA-enabled freedom and flexibility

Grey Matter delivers MASA-powered autonomy, insight, control, and flexible scalability to your enterprise.


Modular design enables flexibility, interoperability, and rapid maintenance & upgrade, enabling you to adhere to open standards and maintain vendor independence.


Serve or receive services between independent, decentralized apps, systems, and networks, facilitating effective cooperation across your enterprise hybrid, multi-cloud and on-prem multi-environments.


Use and reuse components without the need for additional hardware or software upgrades,  accelerating system updates, and quickly mitigating impacts caused by system failures.


Smartly spin up or spin down cloud and other enterprise resources dependent upon fluctuations in data and processing loads. 


Deploy your business-critical data and services anywhere across your hybrid, multi-cloud, or on-prem enterprise environments.


Grey Matter was designed based on your needs.

Grey Matter delivers secure, powerful insight and flexible control for every user up and down the stack.

Decision Maker

Services and Support

Our expertise, on-demand to suit your business needs.

Our skilled experts are ready to ensure your enterprise cloud-native success.

Product Development Teams

Grey Matter supports with brilliance. Our product development teams are energetic and courteous, as well as adept teachers in the way of the cloud. We encourage our customers to embed their own developers with us for on-the-job knowledge transfer of techniques, patterns, and novel solutions to otherwise intractable problems.

Professional Services

Our personnel bring decades of combined experience in the design, development, customization, integration, and delivery of leading-edge software and technology solutions. Our range of cloud-native, decentralized enterprise-scale systems experience includes the creation of reusable platforms, APIs, and analytics for collaborative environments, highly secure computer architectures, data layer processing, and streaming and batch analysis platforms. Our clients span the commercial sector, as well as the United States defense, homeland, and intelligence communities.

We deliver outstanding value to our customers while being a flexible and reliable partner that understands the importance of what needs to be done to achieve your business goals. We are well-versed in supporting mission-critical technology solutions focused on expressive visual design, perceptive data analysis, and secure multi-sensor totality extending contextual awareness to enterprise-grade solutions.