In an effort to catalog key services and data sets, the Grey Matter team has proudly established the COVID API Hub for researchers, data professionals, government, and industry partners.

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Infrastructure Intelligence

Introducing the world’s first
intelligent hybrid mesh platform

Flexibly optimize your cloud, enhance customer digital experience, gain critical business intelligence, and cut ops costs with Grey Matter.

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Why Grey Matter?

Grey Matter simplifies microservice and multi-cloud infrastructure design, development, and control while learning to optimize your network performance and cut cost.

Enable 360° Operations AI

Surface customer digital experience insights for executives, line directors, developers, and operators.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Ensure optimal resource usage with advanced telemetry, SLA management, and AI—all working together as a distributed service mesh.

Lower CapEx & OpEx

Save up to 30% on cloud operations. Move away from resources that are expensive to license, operate, and administrate at nano-scale.

Increase Developer Speed & Operations Control

Sidecar-managed administrative infrastructure control frees developers to focus on writing next-generation services.

Increase Scalability & Portability

Learn, adapt, and act on any infrastructure to scale up, down, out, or in, within seconds, dynamically and predictively.

What can Grey Matter do for me?

Manage distributed microservice workloads, control traffic and smartly scale your infrastructure while securely transiting data around the globe.

Maximize network efficiency

Unique service-level insight and controls provide precise measurement and management of your business objectives

Free developers to innovate

Remove network communication complexities and infrastructure concerns, liberating your developers to focus on writing next-gen hybrid and multi-cloud services

Harness data for AIOps

Put your network's data to use unlike ever before through enhanced network application performance monitoring and automated response powered by AI and machine learning

Grey Matter is trusted around the globe.

Our customers rely on Grey Matter’s speed, security, and reliability for their most critical distributed cloud management and big data management requirements.

The globe expressing that Grey Matter can scale globally and enforce stringent security requirements such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Explore Grey Matter

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Grey Matter Sense

  • Top Down View of your Hybrid Mesh.
  • Quick Access Reports for every microservice and application in your Enterprise MSA.
  • Detailed Performance Objectives and Monitor Reports.

Grey Matter Edge

  • Traffic Flow Management within and across the hybrid mesh.
  • Hybrid Cloud Jump Points.
  • End to end oAuth Security throughout the mesh

Grey Matter Control

  • Automatic Discovery throughout your Hybrid Mesh.
  • Templated Static or Dynamic Sidecar Configuration.
  • Telemetry and Observable Collection and Aggregation.
  • API for Advanced Control.

Grey Matter Catalog

  • Microservice and Application catalog for your Enterprise MSA.
  • Version Announcements.
  • Documentation Pass through Links.

Grey Matter Service-Level Management

  • Configurable Service Level Objectives (SLOs)
  • Business Impact Prioritization per Service.
  • Service-Level Aggregation (Analytical) Views.

Grey Matter Security

  • Implementation of the SPIFFE/SPIRE components throughout the hybrid mesh.
  • Use of oAuth and JWT Tokens to compliment and obscure core security principals.
  • Live stream audit taps per service.

Grey Matter Data

  • Secure data transfer through immutable, timestamped fact data sets throughout the Hybrid Mesh.
  • Obscured fine-grained access control labels with GDPR Compliance Feature sets.
  • Object store agnostic — support for S3, CEPH, Gluster,, Lustre and Local Disk.

Grey Matter Sidecar

  • Multiple Protocol support.
  • Observable Events for all traffic and content streams.
  • Filter SDK.
  • Certified, Tested, Production-Ready Sidecars.

Get to know Grey Matter


Grey Matter Fabric dashboard showing the status of microservices running within the service mesh.

A distributed system increases deployment complexity, operations, and density challenges upon your infrastructure and network.

Grey Matter Fabric ensures maximum utilization of resources through function level telemetry, SLA management, and AI. Fabric also serves as a fleet-wide distributed control and data plane, capable of abstracting away complexity, further easing infrastructure and network burden.


Grey Matter Data API Explorer showing how a user enforces security policies on objects via the API.

Grey Matter Data leverages enterprise-scale data access control APIs and strong encryption layers atop storage backends such as Amazon AWS S3.

The capability is designed to handle massive stores of practically any data type, while flexibly enabling powerful analytics, metrics, and insight.


Grey Matter Fabric dashboard showing real-time service instance metrics, collected via the Grey Matter sidecar, for in-depth performance analysis.

Sense is a contextual awareness, and monitoring component designed to flexibly integrate current, experimental, and even unforeseeable future developments in data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. In its full manifestation, Sense serves as the central nervous system for Network AI within a complex micro/nano service enabled enterprise.

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