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What We Believe

Our goal is to continuously transform your everyday data into contextual glances, presenting you with timely, relevant information when you need it most on multiple platforms and devices, wherever you are.


Sensors and data sources pervade our lives and as they continue to multiply, our bare natural faculties cannot hope to process this grand volume of information into actionable knowledge. Technology must rise to this challenge, and come alongside us to provide an interface between overwhelming data and human intelligence. The technology we need serves us by filtering the irrelevant, summarizing the verbose, considering our circumstances, and then assisting our needs. It uncovers the messages contained within our data and works with us to augment our abilities and understanding.


We understand that enterprises and individuals have another concern with technology and clouds besides intractable volume: computing in the cloud often means relinquishing control over the very data we seek to understand. The common lack of security focus in cloud enterprises exposes the data owners to risk, and sometimes entirely blocks brilliant innovations from entering the markets that most need them. The barriers to security are not primarily technical, but rather of policy, and we will overcome them with honest and innovative focus that starts with you as the data owner being in control. At Decipher, we treat data security as a parallel concern, and are committed to a trustworthy cloud.

Integrity, Ambition, Imagination, Brilliance, Energy, Courtesy

Our Culture

Decipher Technology Studios is an environment of unusual freedom.

We hire people who share our passion, tradecraft, and vision for delivering the highest-quality software to our customers. We hire brilliant, curious, earnest, jacks-of-all-trades with complementary specialities—We don’t hire mediocre. We connect them to peers, put the reins in their hands, and work with them to achieve our collective mission.

Bolstered by an urban start-up culture that is customer-focused, agile, and innovative, we look forward to delivering on the promise of software that is regarded by our customers as the “way of choice” for wanting to adopt trusted, real-time cloud capabilities.


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