Grey Matter Announces Free-Use COVID API Hub for Medical Researchers

We built the Grey Matter-based COVID API Hub during the early days of the COVID pandemic as a means of supporting healthcare and vaccine research. The hub was built from in-house volunteer resources and provided at no cost to the public, ultimately housing API and data resources from the CDC, Twitter, The New York Times, Google, Microsoft, University of Oxford, and many others.

The hub is an openly available live and in-use demonstration of the secure connective capabilities of the Grey Matter universal mesh networking platform.

Our medical professionals know secure, timely access to critical health data is key to ending the COVID-19 crisis. In the spirit of public service, Decipher has launched the free-to-use Grey Matter-based COVID API Hub as our way of providing support to the medical professionals and researchers on the front-lines of the COVID-19 fight. The Hub is designed to provide secure, open access to major medical data repositories as core API services.

Why Did We Do This?

The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on global health and the economy is staggering. According to the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) COVID-19 Dashboard, since its emergence, the virus has sickened over 3 million people, leading to more than 200,000 deaths globally. These are human stories that can never be fully appreciated when conveyed as statistics. However, at the same time, each case, and the lessons they teach, brings us a step closer to an effective treatment. We hope that by assisting researchers with reliable access to broad data sources, programmable APIs, and usage information we can help speed the discovery of effective COVID-19 treatments.

What Does the COVIDAPIHub Provide?

The COVIDAPIHub enables the rapid, secure aggregation and centralization of global data for medical professionals and researchers studying the COVID-19 virus.

The Hub works through proxying to external APIs, creating and deploying services to front CSV datasets, or deploying APIs directly. We currently maintain 30 APIs derived from renowned sources such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World BankOxford University, and the New York Times, and are actively seeking more every day.

We Seek Your Support!

The COVID API Hub was built with internal resources — much of it on a voluntary basis — by the dedicated staff of Decipher Technology Studios.

We cannot maintain the Hub without your support.

We are actively seeking partnerships, to include commercial, government, and NGO/Association support in the areas of data, API access, technology and infrastructure support, and application and visualization developer support. Sponsorships, cross-promotions, and back-links to the Hub are also welcome.

If you are interested in providing data, APIs, technical support, or wish to partner, sponsor, or cross-promote our efforts, please contact us at

About the Grey Matter Intelligent Service Mesh Platform

The COVIDAPIHub was conceived and built in less than one week. This would not have been possible without the combined forces of our talented staff and the flexible power of the Grey Matter intelligent service mesh platform.

The Hub resides atop a pared-down Grey Matter iteration offering much of same capability delivered by the full platform, including:

  • Deep service mesh telemetry & Layer 3,4, and 7 observability,
  • Dynamic service-level management,
  • A common-use single interface designed to serve developers, DevOps engineers, and business decision-makers,
  • Zero-trust security backed by in-depth policy governance, and
  • Detailed business intelligence & resource management automation.
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