Thoughts on EnvoyCon 2020

A look at our experience at EnvoyCon 2020!

EnvoyCon 2020

The Grey Matter team had a fantastic time at EnvoyCon this year. We shared our real-world experiences running COVID API Hub, a collection of COVID-19 datasets publicly exposed by a production deployment of Grey Matter. We also presented our work on Incremental XDS which will be a significant performance improvement of the state-of-the-world of the go-control-plane. It was great to hear the real-world stories of companies using Envoy in production and we got to know the engineers behind the scenes. Overall, this was a great conference and we are excited for next year!

Our two talks:


Alec Holmes shares his work on developing the Incremental XDS feature in go-control-plane


Both videos can also be viewed on our YouTube channel!

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